St. Anne's Capital Campaign - Building on Faith and Tradition

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Rendition of Renovation

St. Anne’s capital campaign for renovations to the social hall, bookstore, and sacristy will begin in September 2021. Our goal is to raise $150,000 over the next year as we continue our multi-phase improvements. The amount that we raise will determine the extent and quality of our improvements.

** Please see the "PayPal" link below to donate on line.**

Our Immediate plans for these campaign funds are to:
       - Improve and enlarge the social hall area.
       - Move the sacristy to a better spot closer to the church doors.
       - Move the bookstore.

Our future fundraising and improvement goals, 3-5 years: (Feedback is welcome; see suggestion box)
        - Repurpose the old sacristy into two multi-purpose rooms.
        - Build a new sacristy at the front of the church.
        - Improve the street side of the church to make it look undeniably like a
           traditional Catholic church.
        - Create a larger, more beautiful north entrance directly into the church.
        - Remodel and update the kitchen.
        - Improve the grounds, including but not limited to:
                   - Adding a picnic pavilion.
                   - Adding a large storage shed or garage.
                   - Add a patio or recreation area by the side doors.

Individual, one-time donations are most welcome, and donors can donate at any time in lump sums, in any amount, in the Sunday basket (Note that it is for the Capital Campaign), via PayPal, directly to Father, or at the office.

If donors choose to spread out donations over the year, pledge cards and envelopes are available. 

If donors choose to spread out donations over the year, pledge cards and envelopes will be available.  Your breakdown could look like this:



Giving Levels

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