Resource Page for Newcomers

Recommended Books for Those New to Tradition

Open Letter to Confused Catholics by Abp Lefebvre (Angelus).

Catechism of the Crisis by Fr. Gaudron (Angelus Press).

A Short Critical Study of the Novus Ordo Missae (Angelus).

Time Bombs of the 2nd Vatican Council by Fr. Schmidberger.

Sedevacantism, a False Solution to a True Problem by SSPX Priests (Angelus).

Is Tradition Excommunicated? (Angelus Press)

(Most of these books can be purchased from Angelus in the "New to Tradition" kit.)

Other Recommended Media

The SSPX Podcast (

The Angelus Magazine (

US District website (


For further reading, please see our Resources: Crisis in the Church page.