Holy Name Society

What is the Holy Name Society?


The Holy Name Society is a Catholic organization of laymen, under the leadership of the priest, formed to bring about the sanctification of its members and the honor of the Holy Name.


The roots of the Holy Name Society go back to the 13th century, and are found to rest in the Dominicans. Statutes were written for the society in the 15th century, and the second Sunday of the month was established as its special day.


Primary objective: sanctification of its members (means utilized for this are discussed below).

Secondary objective: Works of the lay apostolate under the direction of the priest, beginning in the parish and then extending outwards. Among other things, this includes spiritual conferences with the priest, and the organization of a yearly day of recollection for the parish.

The primary objective includes an additional element: camaraderie among the men of the parish. We are social creatures by nature, and we will be saved or damned socially, together with others. There are two facets to this: many rely on our help, more than we realize, and we have to live with this truth in mind; also, our Christian duties are such that we cannot accomplish them alone—we need the support of others. This is one of the goals of the Holy Name Society, to facilitate this mutual assistance among Catholic men that is so greatly needed today, and this begins with spending time together. The HNS holds regular meetings, a yearly dinner, and regular social evenings.

Means (Promises)

The following promises do not bind under pain of sin, but Holy Name members should make an honest effort as a matter of honor to discharge these obligations.

1. To labor individually for the glory of God's Name, and to make it known to those who are ignorant of it.

2. Never to pronounce disrespectfully the Name of Jesus.

3. To avoid blasphemy, perjury, profane and indecent language.

4. To induce their neighbors to refrain from all insults against God and His saints and from profane and unbecoming language.

5. To remonstrate with those who blaspheme or use profane language in their presence. This must be governed by zeal, prudence and common sense.

6. Never to work or carry on business unnecessarily on Sunday.

7. To do all they can to induce their dependents to sanctify the Sunday.

8. To attend regularly the meetings and devotional exercises of the Society.

9. To communicate in a body on the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus and on the regular Communion Sundays (2nd of the month) of the Society.

10. To have a Requiem Mass said each year sometime after the Feast of the Holy Name for all the deceased members. All who can attend the Anniversary Mass should do so.

11. To assemble at an hour convenient to the Society on the day appointed every month for devotional exercises and for the transaction of business.

Why the Holy Name Society is needed

  • To increase the personal sanctification of its members by acts of love and devotion to the Most Holy Name
  • To make the Name of Jesus loved and honored by all
  • To bring more people to awareness and reverence for the Holy Name of Jesus

Other reasons to join the Holy Name Society

  • Gives men encouragement and education in spiritual leading of our families
  • Contribute to the evangelization mission of the Church
  • Promoting obedience and loyalty to the Magisterium of the Church
  • Encouragement of men to go to Ignatian retreats
  • Making reparation for offenses to the Holy Name of Jesus
  • Promoting powerful, reverent use of the Holy Name of Jesus

More info at sspx.org/en/holy-name-society-1