A Spiritual Refuge

Reception of Palms on Palm Sunday

St. Anne's provides nourishment for the soul, far more important than is food for the body.

If we stop giving food to our bodies, they die. We can say the same about our souls; unless they are nourished, they will die. How important is this life of the spirit to our existence! If we neglect our souls they grow far from God, they lose sight of true happiness.

The purpose of St. Anne's is to provide this spiritual sustenance. The sustenance of unwavering Catholic teaching - the traditional sacraments - the ultimate spiritual food, the Eucharist itself. And the source of all this, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The Mass of the Ages, the Mass of the Saints throughout the ages, the Traditional Latin Mass. This Mass alone is celebrated here at St. Anne's. In today's crisis this is the answer that we need. The answer to doctrinal ambiguity, moral laxity and empty liturgies.

This community provides, under the aegis of its priest, a support for a strong Catholic life in a multitude of aspects. The Mass and the Eucharist are available on Saturday and Sunday mornings, with confessions before each Mass. Sunday catechism classes give a Catholic education framework for children and bi-monthly doctrine sessions allow growth in one's faith. A number of associations for the laity provide means to exercise an apostolate. Please see the "Apostolic Societies" page in the menu above to learn more about these.

Servicing Priest

Fr. William Kimball is the priest from St. Joseph's Priory who is assigned to take care of the sacramental life of the faithful at St. Anne's. He was ordained for the Society in 2013 in Winona, MN (the former location of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary). After stints in Idaho and California, Father was transferred here to Michigan in 2017. 

The Coordinator

Since the priest who services St. Anne's is not in permanent residence here, there is a lay person who has the position of coordinator. Bob Lessnau is in charge of the running of the chapel on the material level.

Administrative Assistant

Andre Kropacek is the administrative assistant at St. Anne's. He is the contact person for making arrangements for events (i.e. funerals, weddings, etc.) and can be reached at 313-719-4206 or by email at: [email protected]. He takes care of the bulletin, the deadline for submissions to which is Thursday.

Extreme Unction and Sick Calls

In case of sacramental emergency, call Andre (313-719-4206).  For a sacramental emergency outside of calling hours, contact the priory at 586-784-8405 and ask for Fr. Kimball. If you are homebound and wish to receive the sacraments, please call Andre.

Sacrament of Matrimony

Arrangements must be made at least 6 months in advance to allow for adequate preparation for the Sacrament. Please note that if one of the parties are interested in conversion, the time required to prepare will be longer. Please contact Andre or the pastor directly.

First Communion and Confirmation

First Communion is generally given each spring. Confirmations are also in the spring, but every other year. In order to receive these sacraments, children must attend the appropriate Sunday Catechism classes, unless enrolled in a school of the Society of St. Pius X. Please read the next paragraph for more information.

Sponsorship for Baptism and Confirmation

To be a godparent for Baptism, one must be baptized and be at least 14 years of age. They should know the basics of the faith and be a practicing Catholic. Also, at least one of the godparents should be a traditional Catholic.

To be a sponsor for Confirmation one must be confirmed, be of the same sex as the candidate, and someone other than a baptismal godparent. They should not be the father, mother or spouse of the one confirmed. They should know the basics of the faith and be a practicing traditional Catholic.

Children's Catechism Class

It is the duty of Catholic parents to ensure the education of their children in the faith. For centuries, parents entrusted Catholic schools with important task of carrying this out. In the absence of traditional Catholic schools in the area, St. Anne's offers catechism classes on Sundays, taught by lay teachers selected by the priest. In order to receive the sacraments at St. Anne's, it is necessary for children to attend these catechism classes. Registration runs in late August for these classes. To enter these classes mid-year, please see Andre for details (see above for contact information). To see the schedule of these classes, take a look at our Schedule page.

Catholic Resources

Please click here for our page of resources, including articles on Catholic doctrine, videos, etc.