Catholic Resources

New to Tradition? 

Please click here to visit our page with select resources for those who are new to the Latin Mass and the SSPX. If you would like to go deeper into these topics, a more complete listing of resources concerning the crisis in the Church can be found below.

Catholic Doctrine

Video-Reverence: the Key to Purity & Irreverence: the Key to Impurity (von Hildebrand)

Article-Reverence: the Mother of All Virtues (Alice von Hildebrand)

Article-Is Congregational Singing Catholic? (Fr. Peter Scott)

Article-Attendance and Participation at Mass (Fr. Simoulin, SSPX)

What is Liberalism? (Fr. Peter Scott)

Resources: Crisis in the Church

Please click here to see a list of books and articles explaining the current crisis in today's Church.


Rosary Prayers

Vestment Making Resources

One of our parishioners is a skilled vestment seamstress. Please see this page for patterns and videos on how to make traditional vestments for the Tridentine Mass.