Make Disciples of All Nations

The SSPX encourages and organizes groups of zealous men and women around specific apostolic goals. These groups engage in a wide variety of activities, ranging from liturgical activity and prayer crusades to formation of our youth.

Archconfraternity of St. Stephen

The Archconfraternity of St. Stephen is a guild established for the instruction and sanctification of altar servers. Please check the bulletin for information on the meeting schedule.
Coordinator: Mr. John Gazdecki | Email

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Choirs and Schola

If what St. Augustine said is true, that "to sing is to pray twice," then liturgical singing is an indispensable, while beautiful way to assist and take part in the liturgy. At St. Anne Church, those who lead the singing at Mass are organized into two groups: 

  • St. Gregory Schola Cantorum. This group of men, simply known as the "schola," sing the propers of the liturgy at the Sung Mass.
  • St. Cecilia Choir. A mixed choir that sings polyphonic pieces during the Mass and supports the singing of the congregation.

Coordinator: Mr. Andre Kropacek | email


Run by the priory to support the needs of retreatants and parishoners looking for traditional catholic reading material, sacramentals, and gifts. Store is open most Sundays after Masses.
Coordinator: Mr. Paul Kominsky

Militiae Immaculatae

The Militia Immaculatae, or Knights of the Immaculata, is a worldwide Marian movement for the sanctification of Catholics and the conversion of non-Catholics, under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For information on how to join, please send us an email.

M.I. Corner Moderator: Geralyn Bushing

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The Eucharistic Crusade

The Eucharistic Crusade is an apostolate geared to children from the age of First Holy Communion up to the teen years. The Crusader’s motto is entirely contained in these four imperatives: pray, receive communion, make sacrifices, be an apostle. Every month the Crusade offers its prayers, Holy Communions, work and sacrifices for one of the major intentions of the Church determined by Bishop Fellay, the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X. For more information, please contact the coordinator through the email address of the priory office.
Captain: Mrs. Julie Higgins  | Email

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Third Order of SSPX

For the purpose of giving all Catholics a share in the spirit of the Society of St. Pius X, the Third Order of the Society was founded in 1980. It helps in personal sanctification by associating its members with the life of the Society, under the patronage of Pope St. Pius X.
Please speak to Fr. Kimball or send us an email.

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